Celebrating Rosemont Middle School's 2020 Reflections Submissions based on the theme "I Matter Because...". 

My Voice - Emma C., 8th Grade

I matter because I can use my voice and tell someone they are not alone, that they matter, that they are important to this world. When I have the power and use it to help someone unable to help themselves, that's what changes who I am, and the way I view myself.

Halls - Gabriella R., 8th Grade - Award of Excellence at both Rosemont and Glendale Council Levels

I've had a lot of times where I felt insecure, different and experienced self doubt. Other people's opinions seemed so much more important than my own. I'm realizing that the things we may feel self-conscious about of, are part of us, and our differences make us unique to who we are. When I wrote the lines "When I grow up, I see clearer, I know that's me in the mirror." The song is about embracing who you are and believing in yourself and turning a gumdrop tear into something to laugh and enjoy.

The Missing Piece - Torin B., 7th Grade - Award of Excellence

A puzzle is incomplete if even one piece is missing, and my contribution to my community is like that puzzle piece. No matter how big or small my contribution may seem, my family, school and community are incomplete without me.

None of Us Can Breathe - Aritra N., 7th Grade

My song, None Of Us Can Breathe, is about bringing awareness about discrimination and hate, and how they can be combated through tolerance and empathy. This work relates to the theme by describing discrimination, which denies people their right to be recognized and treated fairly. The work also shows how to develop personal tolerance and community tolerance to combat discrimination. The title refers to the slogan, “I Can’t Breathe,” used at the George Floyd protests.

A Puzzle Piece - Isabel H., 8th Grade - Award of Excellence

My poem "A Puzzle Piece" expresses the reasons I matter. While I haven't done anything important on a grand scale, when I put myself into my art, writing and small mundane things, I matter. Even if it's just passing on the street, we make our mark on people. My parents are a big part of my life, and they helped and still help me discover myself. Everyone does that for somebody--family member, friend, or even an enemy. And like a puzzle, we all fit together to make up the world. I am just one piece, but I matter.

Nature Matters - Avishi G., 7th Grade

My work explains why and how nature matters. It is related to the theme because it explains things matter as the theme is I matter because...

City of Families - Jude N., 7th Grade - Award of Excellence at both Rosemont and Glendale Council Levels.

My parents and I are looking into the distance at the city with our arms around each other's shoulders.The reason that my parents and i have our arm around each other shoulder’s relates to the theme is because if you are part of a family that mean people care about you and that you matter to them.The reason that my parents and i are looking at the city relates to theme is because you are a part of civilization. Each and everyone of us is important to civilization somehow.Even in the smallest way possible.

The Visions of Your Heart - Vela B., 8th Grade - Award of Excellence at both Rosemont and Glendale Council Levels

I wanted to produce a film that shows regardless of age, skin color, or gender, everyone matters. In the occasions that we fail, it's our actions that determine who we are and not the amount of our failures. I believe no matter how small or insignificant you may believe yourself to be, you matter. You can make a difference that can change the world.

I Matter Because I'm the Only Me - Sonia K., 7th Grade

My work, "I matter because I'm the only me.", is related to the theme "I matter because..." because it shows how life would be of everyone was the same, or if we were all different. In one half of my art, a girl turns on her TV. Then, when she tries to find a new show to watch, she realizes there is only an "on" and "off" button. In the other half, she is watching TV. The TV then shows three different bakers who made cakes, all of them completely different.

Unique - Joshua Y., 7th Grade

I matter because I am unique, just like all of the instruments in this piece. They all have their own special talents: the violin's vibrato, the flute's trill, the trumpet's strength, the bassoon's smooth and earthy tone, and the trombone's glissando. Just like every instrument, every person is unique. Different people have different talents and personalities. I am unique.

Touching with Music - Emily G., 7th Grade

I want my readers to feel the magic of music. Music can help people reflect on their inner self and make the world a better place.