Art Nights are an opportunity to learn a few techniques from professional artists which may help you with your Reflections submissions, or might just be fun. Students were invited to show some of their own work and get feedback in the question & answer sessions at the end.

Art Nights

Eric Axene, Photographer - most recently used his skills to document Los Angeles small businesses and their owners during their struggle with the pandemic for the August 2020 issue of Los Angeles Magazine. He spoke about composition, lighting, contrast, and how to use the camera to make an ordinary image extraordinary. This Art Night was 9/14/20. 

Martín CarrilloSound Designer, Composer - recently finished a sound design for the Broad Museum coordinating performance artists, musicians, and poets. He spoke about how to plan and record your sound from the ground up to get the best music or soundscape for your song, film, or dance choreography. This Art Night was 9/25/20.

Paige Clarke


LMFT, Drama Therapist - combines Self Inquiry and Creative Arts in her private practice. She shared techniques to help develop and deepen the theme of "I Matter Because...".  Most of the points awarded in ANY Reflections category hinge on how unique the work is and how well it fits with the theme. Mrs. Clarke described this exploratory process and how it relates to writing your award-winning submission description. This Art Night was 9/23/20.

Eric Roth

9/25/20, Friday, 6:00-7:15


Lighting and Compositing, VFX, Dreamworks - generates stunning CG images for the film industry. He talks about how to take your work from concept to screen, and shared some of the ways he has used his own specialty of lighting to make scenes really stand out in movies like Star Wars: Episode II, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and Ralph Breaks the Internet. This Art Night was 9/26/20.

Margaret Frey


Writer, Illustrator - incorporates her science research background into her writing and illustrations. She discussed visual story-telling with semiotics, materials for pen-and-ink illustration, and scanning, layers, and output for digital art in Photoshop or Procreate, demonstrating with a graphic novel work-in-progress.